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What We Do

We develop camping leaders for the church

We train local church volunteers and camp staff within their regions to conduct effective camping programs. Conferences, seminars, workshops and courses for camping leaders are organized and run in various locations of the CIS and Baltics by experienced instructors. Primarily these events are the sole responsibility of CCI/Russia, though some are held in partnership with other ministries and others are conducted for particular Christian educational institutions (i.e. seminaries and universities).

We develop model leaders and camps for the future of camping ministry

We help identify individuals capable of seeing the big picture and bringing their ministry to a new level, adding quality and scope. We provide top-level, personalized, on-the-job training for leaders via in-depth programs such as the Instructors Training Course and the Camp Directors Institute. We send distinguished camping leaders and instructors to CCI training events and Christian camps in other regions of Russia and other countries of CIS in order to meet the need of less developed areas and provide mission experience for the leaders themselves.

We provide program resources

We develop and publish program materials on various aspects of Christian camping, i.e. Bible Lessons, Games Collections, Staff Manuals, Songbooks, CD & audio tapes with camp songs, etc. Materials are published in the Russian language as well as other languages of our constituency. All printed and audio materials are also made available in digital format.

We facilitate successful networking

We operate a year-round office in St. Petersburg, Russia, that provides information and resources to our members as well as networking and coordination of Association events. Our office monitors the needs of our members and makes them known to national and international prayer warriors. We also help link existing needs and resources among Association members. We initiate and facilitate communication and cooperation between camps in every country and geographical region, as well as educate and encourage members of local CCI committees. In addition, we assist those who desire to be engaged in an international cross-cultural relationship long-term via camp-to-camp partnerships.

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