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CCI/Russia Partners

Without the help of our Western partners we would be unable to provide our members with such a wide variety of services. Decades of their experience in Christian camping are indispensable in the countries where the such a concept was non-existent 15 years ago.

Global Outreach Group (GOG, USA)

The mission of this organization, started by CCI/USA in 1999 and registered as an independent entity in 2004, is to help Christian camps and conferences around the globe become successfully engaged in cross-cultural ministry. GOG:

  • Provides training for local church volunteers and full-time camp staff to conduct effective camping programs in their homeland;
  • Helps experienced camp staff export their expertise to Christian camping endeavors worldwide.
  • Prepares and sends out qualified short-term teams to Christian camps internationally (Global Journeys).
  • Assists camps, missions and individuals who desire to be engaged in an international cross-cultural relationship long-term (Global Partnerships).

Contact Person:
Dan DeGroat, Executive Director

Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA, USA)

Founded in 1963, CCI/USA is the largest and the oldest of the 19 National/Regional associations serving more than 1100 member camps and conference centers and 7,000 individual leaders. These ministries and their leaders serve more than 6 million campers and guests each year, and an estimated 107,000 local churches. CCI/USA formed a strategic partnership with CCI/Russia in 1996.

  Contact Person:
Bob Kobielush, President

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