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Galina Gainulina

Galina GainulinaName: Galina Gennadievna Gainulina

Occupation: Cultural Education Center mission

Church ministry: Church administrator, book ministry, Christian camp

Education: Radiotechnical Training College of Yekaterinburg, electronics specialty (1994); distance education through the Baptist Union Bible Institute of Mosocw, specializing in teaching methodology and Sunday school teaching (1993); Leadership and Management Institute of Kiev (2003-2005)

Camp work experience: Director of Ark Christian Camp in Tumеn since 1999

Experience with CCI: Participant at CCI/Russia seminars and conferences (2000-2001); round-table facilitator for camp directors at St. Petersburg CCLC (2002); Basic Camp Directors Course Instructor and a round-table facilitator at St. Petersburg CCLC's (2003-2009); teaching and conducting CCI/Russia training events in Siberia; CCI/Russia Regional Representative in West Siberia.

Family status: “Friendship with God is the supreme treasure in life. Only being alone with Him can liberate us from solitude.” - Edwin Lewis Cole

Favorite Scripture passage: The Book of Job

Hobbies: Music, photography, literature

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