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Yuri Listopadov

Yuri ListopadovName: Yuri Geraldovich Listopadov

Occupation: Director of Camp Robinson, a children's camp

Church ministry: Camp Director

Education: Ural Polytechnic Institute, Department of Engineering Physics, specializing in Quantum Physics and Solid-state Physics (1984); Ivanov State University, Department of Mathematics, math teacher

Camp work experience: Six years in engineering brigade; 22 years in children's camping (Communist camps, school camps, sport camps, adolescent work camps, children's work camps, children's recreation camps, family camps, mixed camps, Orthodox camps, scout camps), including 15 years in tent camping and nine years in full-time camp work

Experience with CCI: Instructor at CCI training events

Family status: Married, with two children

Favorite Scripture passage: The Sermon on the Mount

Hobby: Throwing big parties

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