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CCI-Russia Ministry Update - July 2009, Part II

CCI-Russia Ministry Update - July 2009, continued (Download Part I here)

1. Stick Game

One of the courses at CCI/Russia's Staff Training Workshop in Ganchauskas (Latvia) was about mastering games. It taught about icebreakers, team-building games, and trust exercises, sharing not only specific examples but also about how to use them effectively at camp. One of the classic team-building games involves the group trying to lower a single stick to the ground. The catch: everyone must always maintain contact with the stick. The little bits of upward pressure add up and the stick, almost as if on a string, rises and wobbles and drifts in every direction but down. The lesson is clear: success as a team is almost never about effort or intelligence. It is about fine-tuned cooperation.


2. To the End of the Earth

The last CCI/Russia's workshop of the year takes place in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. Situated at the end of the 9288-kilometer-long Trans-Siberian Railroad, Vladivostok is east of China and just north of North Korea, and has a climate all of its own. Though mid-June and about as far south as Chicago, workshop participants enjoyed the full force of Pacific monsoon weather, braving temperatures just above freezing with gale-force winds to match. The effort was not without reward: the camp looks out over a stunning view of a bay on the Pacific, and half-way through the workshop the property finished installation of showers with hot running water. But the greatest gift was enjoying the benefit of Christian fellowship: new friendships, needed encouragement, and instruction for the ministry in the summer ahead.



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