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What is a Christian Camp?

A Christian camp is an organized Bible based program in the outdoors led by trained staff devoted to Jesus Christ. The program is continuous and lasts for a period from several days to several weeks long.

The selected outdoor site is preferably a secluded place with significant natural endowment (river, lake, forest, hills, valleys) and ample space for activities.

In a resident camp participants stay at camp continuously from their arrival until their departure dates. In a day camp, participants arrive in the morning and return home for supper each day for the duration of the camp.

A camp differs from a Bible program in an outdoor setting because a camp utilizes its natural endowment as a vital and integral part in achieving its overall purpose. The staff members are trained and skilled in understanding and leading the campers each day as they grow in favor with God and man.

A camp is not just a place to rest. On the contrary, it offers a program in which both campers and staff are highly involved in activities designed to build solid Biblical values and Christian character.


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