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The Silver of My Lord

February 4-8, 2018, St. Petersburg

КЛХЛ 2018


Track 1. Camp Director 1

How to Experience Resurrection Power and the Impact It Will Have on Every Person and Every Aspect of Camp (4 hours) – Dave Loewen (Manitoba, Canada).
Philippians 3:10 for the Camp Director:

  • Own the Word
  • Pray Continually
  • Live Truth Graciously
  • Serve with Humility

Cornerstones of Camp Director’s Ministry (12 hours) – Andrey Shaytar (Minsk, Belarus).
Even if you’re a new camp director, you don't have to make all the costly and painful mistakes of your own in order to learn leading a camp. This course presents the foundational principles that will help you systematize what you know about camping ministry and get a broad perspective of camp director's role.

Jesus: Camp Director (6 hours) – Dan Bolin (Texas, USA).
How the principles of the Feeding of the 5,000 apply to what we do at camp today.

Track 2. Camp Director 2

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders (12 hours) – Dan Bolin (Texas, USA).
Christian camp is a rich soil for growing new generation of leaders. Each one of us is a Leader with God-given unique Capacities. In this class you will learn how to develop your potential. Trust is the foundation for strong relationships between a leader and their followers. We will discuss how to establish and develop trusting relationships with staff. One of the most important leader’s functions is Choosing a direction for growth. This course will offer you methods of getting a vision and implementing changes. Leadership is impossible without Motivation. We will study various motivation and team-building techniques that will help you move to the goal as one. The course will help you sharpen your leadership skills and provide with ideas and methods to help you facilitate growth in your campers and staff to become the leaders God wants.

Current Trends in Christian Camping (6 hours) – Dave Loewen (Manitoba, Canada).

Track 3. Program Leader 1

Alpha and Omega of Program Leader’s Success (12 hours) – Viktoria Bortko (Riga, Latvia).
Program Leader’s success is the result of successful work of all members of his team. That is why a leader needs both a clear plan of actions and flexibility to change it to deal with problems and difficulties. This course will help each program leader to find out what his job is about.

Helping Counselors Fall in Love with Their Camp Job (6 hours) – Ekaterina Kapustenko (Kharkov, Ukraine).
Three training sessions that you might carry out for your staff: 1) team work; 2) my calling; 3) what is the difference between serving boys and serving girls. These subjects are calibrated, the information is exclusive.

Track 4. Program Leader 2

Program Leader: Tricks of the Trade (12 hours) – Tatyana Nechaeva (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Darja Kuznecova (Riga, Latvia).
What should a program leader know about himself, about his team and about others at camp? Program Leader is not solely an arranger, a ringleader, an analyst or a shoulder to cry on, but also a shrink in a way. At this course, we will share some instruments that will help you form and maintain the team, to develop a camp program and to give birth to the legend of a camp.

Program Design and Development for Spiritual Formation (6 hours) – Aaron Ziebarth (Pennsylvania, USA).
A camp might be carried out successfully only granted the clear objectives are set forth and attained. The course participants will learn to align all the time of the session, all the activities of the camp with one spiritual theme, to effectively train and control the staff, so that they can manage the set objective. This course will reveal why we do camps and will help to make each camp event a step towards the set goal.

Track 5. Counselor 1

Basics of Camp Counseling (12 hours) – Viktoria Erokhova (Omsk, Russia).
We will study the responsibilities of a Camp Counselor; discuss what kind of person he should be so that his campers love and follow him; how to communicate with campers and how to pray for them. We will also learn ways to build personal relationships with each camper.

“Let's Come to Terms”, or Building Trust with Teens (6 hours) – Natalya Sheybak (Minsk, Belarus).
The program includes: teens’ characteristics (the portrait of a teen by others); the need for trustful relationship (key teens’ needs); 4 stages of an interaction – contact, orientation, finding common solution (argumentation) and coming to a common solution (communication skills training); relating heart to heart (personal counselling skills).

Track 6. Counselor 2

Developing Your Prayer Life (Prayer as the Foundation to Camp Ministry) (6 hours) – Aaron Ziebarth (Pennsylvania, USA).
Why should we pray? What should we pray about? What does the prayer change: our condition (problem), our attitude (understanding of the problem) or ourselves? How can we find time for prayer in the midst of the hectic camp life and how much time does it require? What forms of prayer suit our needs the best? These and other questions will be answered by a camp director who made prayer the true foundation of his camp ministry.

Scripture Memory (6 hours) – Aaron Ziebarth (Pennsylvania, USA).
The Word of God is living and active! Please join the seminar that will give you inspiration and tools that will make “renewal of the mind” your reality, and Scripture memory, the way of your life. The methodology offered is equally useful for campers and camp staff.

Bible Lessons that Change Campers’ Lives (6 hours) – Viktoria Bortko (Riga, Latvia).
Bible lessons are the most important part of the camp program. Why are they also so often its most boring part? Why does the counselor, having received from the program leader a well developed curriculum, simply retell the manual (or, worse, read it as a sexton)? Why not use the opportunities that the camp provides? At camp, the whole day can become a Bible lesson, at camp, the whole session is a step-by-step immersion into the Word of God and a series of encounters with the living God Himself! At this course, we will learn how to prepare and lead the Bible lessons that will not give your camper a chance to be bored. Lessons that will motivate them to change. And, of course, we will have enough practice in this creative work!

Track 7. Leadership

Situational Leadership (12 hours) – Oleg Vasilevsky, Elena Vasilavskaya (both from Kiev, Ukraine).
As leaders, we want our staff to flame with our company vision just as we do. That is why we often happily promote the initiative from the newcomers and thus make the classical mistake by assigning the tasks to the ones that are not competent enough. At the same time, there are experienced people in our team that have the needed competence but are emotionally burnt down. So we have to either accept their joyless presence or part ways with them. The first option does not move the organization forward whereas the second throws it a few steps back. This course developed by the worldwide known Ken Blanchard International training organization will guide you out of this vicious circle.

Health of the Leader's Soul, or How to Avoid Pitfalls of Leadership (6 hours) – Dan DeGroat (Texas, USA).
Leadership is 'influence'. As leaders we tend to focus on tasks, and often underestimate the importance of personal character. It is who we are when no one is watching that gives weight to our words and power to our teaching." Key Scripture: “A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, favor is better than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1).


PULSE-2018: Inroducing New Camp Programs for the Summer of Football World Cup in Russia (4,5 hours) – Darja Kuznecova (Riga, Latvia), Alexandra Alexeeva (Moscow, Russia), Marina Zinchuk (St. Petersburg, Russia), Pavel Derevnuk (Minsk, Belarus), Tatyana Nechaeva (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Robert Akbashev (Nyagan, Russia), Lubov Zueva (Москва, Russia). Writers Team Coordinators will introduce to you the newly created camp programs Royal Game (for kids 7-12 years), TEMP (for teens 11-15 years), Overtime (for boys 14-16 years), Your Appearance (for girls 14-16 years), Running Man (for young adults) and Muscle Ball (for family camps).

How to Run a Top Class Event (1,5 hours) – Oleg Vasilevsky (Kiev, Ukraine). While running events, all ministry leaders face the same questions: how to promote their event in order to attract as many people as possible; how to fill the program with content that will not only be useful, but also relevant for participants; how to assemble and train the team; how to implement administrative support; how to evaluate the results of the event and not forget to celebrate it with the team. The answers to these and other questions come from the Rainbow team, led by its founder Oleg Vasilevsky, and are based on 23 years of experience of running events of different scale.

Music Camps (4,5 hours) – Ekaterina Kapustenko (Kharkov, Ukraine). The theory of music is a good thing, but for running a music camp practice serves much better. Therefore our course will be purely practical. The first session is about motivation: why music camps? The second session is about the power of music: facts, stories, personal experience. The third session – in an hour and a half we will make from the audience an orchestra and a cool choir. Everybody will sing and play! After this course, our newly-minted choir will sing 2-3 songs and play 1-2 melodies for everybody.

Music Ministry to Special Needs Children (1,5 hours) – Ekaterina Kapustenko (Kharkov, Ukraine). A special meeting that will help you to look into the heart of the most special ministry. You will witness the miracles that God has already performed in this ministry through the power of music.

Designer Games (3 hours) – Ekaterina Kapustenko (Kharkov, Ukraine). Is a camp possible without games? Of course not! How about a song game without singing? If you want to know the answer, it's time to get acquainted with the designer game "Song Circle"! The most active players will be able to purchase the game kit for their camp collection.

Evening of Emotions at a Family Camp (1,5 hours) – Ekaterina Kapustenko (Kharkov, Ukraine). An evening that will charge you with energy and positive emotions. An evening that will bring joy to all who come. An evening that will help to return to childhood and will remain in your memory forever. Come and try for yourself!

Special Camps for Special Kids (1,5 hours) – Anna Sergeeva (St. Petersburg, Russia). A round table devoted to the experience of camps for disabled children (and not only children).

Fiction for Children as a Parable of God’s Work in the Modern World (6 hours) – Anna Godiner (Moscow, Russia):

  • Round table "You Are the Letter of Christ" (1,5 hours). We have the Bible, do we need to read anything else with children? Why? The Bible says how to walk before God in parables and stories of ancient times. Are there such stories in our time? Where can they be found? Can I trust the books of unbelieving authors? What is useful in them for Christians? Christians are called the "people of the Book." Each of us has at least one "book of his or her childhood ". Can we compare the books of our childhood with the Book of our adult years? How and why?
  • Master classes "Evangelical Tuning Fork of Children's Reading: Suffering" (1,5 hours) and "Evangelical Tuning Fork of Children's Reading: Love" (1.5 hours). How to work with the text in order to read fiction with children and teenagers in the light of the Gospel (on the material of short stories and fairytales).
  • Lecture "The World Space of Children's Literature in the Light of the Biblical Flashlight" (1,5 hours). The Biblical flashlight in the world of children's books is a ray of the Word of God, the vehicle of the Christian view of life. If we direct it to children's and teens’ books, as to "the image of the world manifested in the word," then it can show how the "virtual" experience of literary characters helps the reader to master the Sunday school knowledge of moral theology in real life. This ray helps to comprehend the place of children's and teens’ reading in modern culture and faith; to know oneself, other people and human relationships in the light of the gospel.

Metaphorical Maps (4,5 hours) – Tatyana Nechaeva (Ekaterinburg, Russia). At this course you will get acquainted with metaphorical maps through practice, learn how to use them in camp programs for teenagers, youth and working with staff.

Preacher and Spiritual Counselor at Camp (4 hours) – Mihail & Valentina Dmitruk (Riga, Latvia). A minister with 30 years of experience in Christian camps, an acting Spiritual Counselor of Camp Pearl, the keynote speaker of CCLC-2018 and his wife and assistant in ministry will hold round tables and personal consultations with all those who "desire fine work" (1 Tim 3: 1).

A Lifetime in Christian Camping: What I wish somebody had told me when I was 25 (1,5 hours) – Dan DeGroat (Texas, USA). As a former camper, camp counselor, and camp director, Dan will offer personal insights for Christian camping leaders from his own journey of 40 years in camping ministry full-time. All questions welcome; all answers honest.

How to Pray with Campers and Staff (1,5 hours) – Viktoria Bortko (Riga, Latvia). Prayer is key for everything. Very often in camps we do not have enough time for it. How can we make prayer more than a mere tradition, how do we involve campers and staff in prayer, when the camp schedule is so busy? Let us get together and find new ideas that will inspire staff and campers joyfully communicate with the Great and Almighty God!

Biblical Games (1,5 hours) – Viktoria Bortko (Riga, Latvia). Many people say that the Bible is a boring and incomprehensible book, that Bible lessons do not inspire. How can we diversify the Bible lessons and show that the Word of God is a treasure? Of course, through the games! Biblical games will help to make our lessons more saturated and understandable to the campers.

Effective Methods of Teaching (1,5 hours) – Natalya Sheybak (Minsk, Belarus). Traditional teaching methods are usually reduced to lectures as the main way of information transfer. The lecturer has an active role, the trainee is passive. Studies show that this approach is ineffective: after 48 hours students retain no more than half of what they heard. And if the goal of teaching is changing behavior or acquiring certain skills, this goal is reached even less, because teaching has no convincing effect. New approaches to teaching allow students not only to effectively absorb information, but also to develop their skills.

Balance of Life: Prevention of Burnout (1,5 hours) – Natalya Sheybak (Minsk, Belarus). Syndrome of emotional burnout is a scourge of modern man. We have so many responsibilities and activities that need to be done right now or even yesterday, that sooner or later we can not stand it. The result is stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, apathy and even a serious physical ailment. The phrases "burnt at work", "burned out in the service" do not seem to be a joke: many of us know perfectly well what it is like. Fortunately, the syndrome of emotional burnout can be noticed in time and prevented from seizing power. How? Most often, we observe emotional exhaustion in people who have lost control of their lives. How to gain this control? We will talk about this at our meeting.

Camp Worship (1,5 hours) – Alexey Obrovets (Moscow, Russia).

How to Become a Movie Director (1,5 hours) – Maxim Titov (Schelkovo, Russia). A movie shot on a smartphone by professionals. Our experience. The vision and the history of the film school "Game". What is needed to make a movie "with your own hands": vision; like-minded people; shooting equipment; skills; mentors.

Movie Camp (3 hours) – Maxim Titov (Schelkovo, Russia). Planning and running a movie session at camp. Screenplay and storyboard. Participants in working groups come up with or choose a story for their shorts. They write a screenplay and make a storyboard, everything that is needed to start shooting.


Devotional Writing (3 hours) – Dan Bolin (Texas, USA). How to start: with a life story, with a biblical text or with a beautiful image? How to link your personal experience with what will be interesting and useful for many readers? What kind of applied skills should a successful writer have? Today, when Internet and social networks have made everyone a writer, the answers to these questions have become practical and relevant again.

How to Run a Christian Camp Legally under the Yarovaya Laws (4 hours) – Konstantin Andreev (Moscow, Russia). This seminar is taught by a Christian lawyer from the "Slavic Law Center", Ph.D. in Law, member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on NGOs and Religious Organizations.



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